Horsing Around:

Horsing around the USA, for charities they ride,
Earning donations for others, the horses won't be denied.
Computer programmers the pair, who would have guessed,
They've taken on a big chore, but I'd say they are blessed.


A magnificent trailer, carries their horses and tack,
For David and Anita, it's not courage they lack.
By June 22nd, they'd ridden in fourteen States,
Thirty-six to go, they are unbelievable mates.


Horse camps, ranches and friends are there,
To settle down for the evening, and travels to share.
What an awesome task, they've taken on,
Today they might be here, and tomorrow they move on.


Take what you will in life, but give what you can,
It's adventures such as these, that are the measure of man.
To take on a task, so that others can survive,
These two buckaroos have nothing but drive.

It's nice to know that we can have an effect (however small), and that somewhere down the line at least one or two lives are touched (for the better) by our exploits. Below is a poem sent to one of our friends which certainly 'touched' us, and many thanks to it's author June Marshall whom we have never met ...... as yet, but would love to one day soon.

- Millinton, Memphis, TN
- Guthrie, OK
- Bon Aqua, Nashville, TN
- Tralee, Knoxville, TN
- Midway, Lexington, KY
- Lansing, MI
- Mid West Trail Ride, Norman, IN
- Six Flags, St Louis, MI
- Butler, MI
- Humboldt, KS
- Wichita, KS
- Practical Horsemanship, Coats, KS 

Tour of the Heartland

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Our first trial trip from Virginia to Ohio, Tenessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and back again

A/F - Homebase, Culpeper, VA
B - Downunder Horsemanship, Belle Centre, OH
C - Tralee, Knoxville, TN
- Lakeview Plantation, Allendale, SC
E - Leatherwood Mountains, NC

Virgina initial sortie


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Happy times as two of the boys were with us as far as Alabama


A - Homebase, Culpeper, VA
B - Leatherwood Mountains, NC
C - Heart of Dixie Trail Ride, Troy, AL
D - Bunkhouse, nr Jasper, AL
E - Horse Heaven Ranch, Talahina, OK
F - Bar Fifty Ranch, Bismarck, AR
G - Houston, MI
H - Millington, TN

Virginia and across the South

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And so hello and welcome to our crazy "mid-life crisis" adventure.


Our Quest to challenge ourselves and in so doing discover the 'REAL' USA

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'Ride the Dream'

- New Walden, NY
- South Londonderry, VT
- Hatfield, MA
- Upper Pond Farm, Litchfield, ME
- The Pony Farm, NH
- Arcadia Management Area, RI
- Mitchell Farm Equine Retirement, CT

Our Adventure Draws to an End

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As summer comes to an end we explore the North East

- Homebase, Culpeper, VA
- Gettysburg, PA
- Summerwinds Farm, MD/DE
- Lums Pond State Park DE
- Alexandria, NJ
- New Walden, NY

Virginia and towards the NE

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- Covington, Seattle, WA
- Post Falls, ID
- Belgrade, MT
- Custer's Battlefield, MT
- Flying B Ranch, Scotts Bluff, NB
F - Lake of Three Fires State Park, IO

Back East through Big Sky Country

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Return to Virginia

- Practical Horsemanship, Coats, KS
B - Byers, CO
C - Salt Lake City, UT
D - Winnemucca, NV
- by way of Reno, NV
F - Old Yella Dog Ranch, Vya, NV
G - Long Hollow Ranch, Sisters, OR
H - Dallas, OR
 - Nehalem State Park, OR
J - Covington, Seattle, WA

Kansas west to the Pacific

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- Lake of Three Fires, IO
- Greenville, IL
- Mid West Trail Ride, Norman, IN
- Nora's Place, Rogers, KY
- Cheryl's Place, Murphytown, WV
- Culpeper, VA

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Return to Virginia

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